Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES) B. EXSpSc 

Ally is an accredited Exercise and Sport Scientist. She is a qualified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. She also holds a current Cert III and VI in Fitness, and is registered with Fitness Australia and Exercise Sport Science Australia.

“I am a Sydney local who is crazy about nutrition and sport science. I spend hours searching through journal articles, podcasts and websites trying to increase my knowledge about general health and athletic performance. I am deeply interested in human physiology, biomechanics and sports psychology.

In my downtime you will find me in the kitchen baking, in the gym lifting weights, running with my dog, or training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

I am extremely passionate about encouraging other people excited to take control of their health through exercise and nutritious food. ​I would love to see a change in the way people view their health by starting to incorporate better food and exercise choices early on in their lives to prevent disease and premature aging later on.

The health world encourages us to fix our problems only after they become problems, but with adequate nutrition and exercise, I know that we will be able to prevent disease and lessen the need for medical intervention. It is my mission to bring about this change in society from the ground up, and that means making people aware of the importance of their health. 

Not only is awareness important to me, but the types of information that people are receiving needs to be correct and up to date. It is my burning desire to ensure that people who are trying to change their habits are equipped with the latest evidence-based knowledge. Unfortunately in a world of social media where everyone has a platform to speak, regularly we see the wrong types of information circling through. I aim to stamp out the broscience and implement real, rigorously examined science that is relevant, reliable and valid.”