100 FIT is all about building and improving both the quantity and quality of your life.

This means putting 100 into everything you do and optimising the time you have been given. There is no room for excuses or half-heartedness here – your health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us, and should be to you too. 

We pride ourselves on our health and wellbeing coaching services and personal training that is backed by science.

In a fitness social media world of constantly changing ideas and incorrect knowledge, it can be hard to filter through and determine fact from fiction. Here at 100FIT, we have done the hard yards for you. We will bring you science-based information that will keep you motivated, increase your performance and get you results.

What we offer

100 FIT is an online and mobile Personal Training business and offers training sessions in the comfort of your home, online, office, parks and other outdoor locations around Sydney CBD, Inner West and Western Sydney.

If you are keen to start your health and fitness journey on your own but need some initial guidance, our online training programs and nutrition guidelines are here to help you achieve your goals remotely. We also have an online coaching and accountability service to keep you accountable and on target to meet your goals.

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